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More Still on Northern Tier First Aid Kits

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

The Northern Tier kits are now available on the Rescue Essentials web site.  Here is the link:  I have to admit I had a bit of sticker shock when I saw the price, and I have not independently priced everything on the list, but after looking at a few things I did not already have that were on the NT list, why this kit is expensive made a bit more sense.  The Tegaderm dressings are $8+ a box of 8 at Walgreens.  That is over $1.00 per dressing.  The anti-fungal cream at Walgreens is almost $10.00.  The waterproof bag is around $25 at REI.  It really adds up.  Whether it adds up to $150 I can’t say, but if you are worried, you can figure it out for yourself.  For guys who don’t have a first aid supply locker like I do, just having somebody put it all together in the right quantities is worth something.  I appreciate the fact that they put them together for our crews who needed kits and wanted kits that met the recommendations of Northern Tier.  I know that NT does not check the kits and their recommendations are just that (I called them and confirmed), but I also think folks normally recommend things based on experience. 

Tires for the Jeep

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I have tried the OEM Wrangler MTR tires and they are noisy and too small for my lifted Jeep.  I have also tried the Toyo 35 X 12.50 X 17s that came with the Jeep and they are nice, smooth on the road and quiet, but they are big and heavy, too big and heavy in my estimation.  Most of the experts I have consulted said they are OK, but most say that 33s are the way to go on a Jeep, and most people go with 15 inch wheels.  If I keep the 35s, I run the risk of scraping the body on a hard bump on a trail.  They are also very heavy and I have a hard time lifting them by myself, especially after a long day in the 100+ degree Houston heat.  The weight also means more stress on the axles and brakes.  A few folks have said I should improve the brakes if I keep the 35s.  So, they are going.  I thought about 33s for the 16 inch OEM Moab wheels, but 16 inch tires cost so much more than the 15s that I can pay half the cost of the 15 inch wheels for the savings in tire cost.  I am thinking 10 inch wide wheels, because people I talk to say they handle better on the road, even if you cannot air them down as much on the trail as a narrower wheel.  One of my priorities is safe handling on the road, so that is the way I am going to go.  As to which tire, I have not yet decided.  I like the new Goodyear MT with Kevlar, but also recognize an AT is probably more in line with my needs and does better in sand.  Since the new Goodyears are literally a half and half, with two distinct types of tread, that seems like a good compromise.  If anybody reads this and has an opinion to share, leave it.

More on Northern Tier First Aid Kits

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I spoke to Northern Tier today about the contents of first aid kits and they confirmed that their list is considered a recommendation, not a requirement.  So, for those who disagree with what is on their list, you can change things.  That being said, I have suggested to Rescue Essentials, who is putting together a turnkey kit for use at Northern Tier, that they include everything on the recommended contents list so that they can tell people if they buy their kit, they are getting everything Northern Tier recommends.  I don’t see any other way to do it.  That allows the purchser to add and subtract as they see fit, but does not put the vendor in the quandary of playing God and substituting their judgment for that of the Boy Scouts when they are putting together a product with scouts in mind.  Hopefully they will have the kit up on their web site this week.