Wilderness First Aid Caveats

Some caveats are in order regarding this section of the site.  I am not a doctor or dispensing medical advice.  The laws as to standards of care and treatment vary from state to state and I make no undertaking to advise as to what is legal where.  In considering any suggestion, you have to temper it with your own level of training, experience and standards of care in your area.  The Boy Scouts of America have developed their own Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Policy Guidelines and I recommend anybody in the scouting program study this document.  The current Red Cross Wilderness First Aid and Remote Care course tracks this curriculum, so if you take the Red Cross Course, without any optional modules, you will be meeting the Boy Scout curriculum.  Remember, a scout is obedient, so if you want to be a part of their program, this is the policy you should follow. 

 I understand and want to continue to the postings on this topic.

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